Why Manufactured Homes are a Great Option for Retirement

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Manufactured homes are a reliable and increasingly popular housing option. When retirement comes knocking, many people are looking to downsize from their traditional site-built homes into new homes. Manufactured homes are a great option for retirement for many reasons.

Manufactured Homes are an Affordable Option

Many retirees consider housing costs as the main factor in their retirement decisions. For retirees not interested in living in an apartment and looking to downsize, renting or purchasing a manufactured home is a viable option. Profits made from selling a traditional site-built home can be used to buy a comfortable and affordable manufactured home, with money left over for travel and savings. It should be noted that manufactured homes are an affordable option for downsizing, not downgrading. Manufactured homes offer the same benefits and comforts of traditional site-built homes at a fraction of the cost.

Manufactured Homes, Convenience and Maintenance

As you age, it becomes more difficult to keep up with housework. Is it worth it to spend time and effort cleaning rooms that nobody uses? Downsizing relieves a lot of the burdens associated with bigger homes without losing the benefits. Cleaning and maintaining a manufactured home is a better option than trying to keep up with a bigger traditional home. Additionally, most manufactured homes are single-story homes. This is a great choice for retirees who have difficulties with stairs and other mobility issues. Manufactured homes can also be built with specific standards and conditions. For example, wheel-chair bound retirees can create homes with wider doorways and hallways and lower counters and cabinets.

Move In Quickly

One of the top reasons why manufactured homes are a great option for retirement is the ability to move into a brand new home quickly. Manufactured homes are built much quicker than traditional site-built homes. In fact, most people can move into their new home within four to six weeks of production start. These homes are built in a factory, so outside factors such as weather don’t affect when the home is completed. Retirees can arrive in their new home and enjoy the benefits and joys of retirement without delays in the time it takes to move.

Living in a Manufactured Home Community

Needs, interests, and priorities shift and change as you get older. It’s become more and more popular for retired individuals to move into manufactured home communities. The ability to live surrounded by other people in your age range is one reason why manufactured homes are a great option for retirement. Manufactured homes in 55 and up active adult communities are created as environments that encourage social interaction and community involvement. Additionally, a lot of these communities contain amenities many retirees are interested in such as swimming pools, tennis and shuffleboard courts, walking and biking paths, fitness centers and other opportunities for social events. For those interested, many 55-plus manufactured home communities also allow pets. Commonalities shared between residents in this area help to foster communities of people who look out for each other and enjoy spending time with each other in this unique period of their lives.

Retirement is something many people look forward to. As more and more people reach retirement age, manufactured home and manufactured home retirement communities continue to grow in popularity. The benefits and bonuses offered in these communities are why manufactured homes are a great option for retirement. Visit Hayman Residential Engineering for more information on how living in a manufactured home can be great for you.

Steven Baker