What is the Best Manufactured Home Plan?

The floor plan is one of the most important things for manufactured home buyers to consider. Across the United States, there are a multitude of manufactured home companies all offering hundreds of different models of floor plans to fit your needs. The information that each company provides on the different floor plans that they offer can help you find the best manufactured home floor plan that has everything that you want and need.

What is a Manufactured Home Floor Plan?

A manufactured home floor plan is the first insight into what a home will be like. It is essentially a map of the home that showcases the most important details and features of the potential home’s layout and design. A manufactured home floor plan will also provide important information such as placement, dimensions, features, and construction notes.

Three-Dimensional Manufactured Home Floor Plans and Virtual Tours

Modern technology now allows for potential buyers to experience what it would be like to walk through a home without having to actually be there. Many manufactured home companies are providing potential buyers with these experiences and giving them the opportunity to view three-dimensional floor plans and virtual tours in astonishing detail.

What Makes the Best Manufactured Home Floor Plan?

The best manufactured home floor plan basically consists of a well-designed home and space that will meet the needs of your family. Quality manufactured home floor plans maintain good flow between the rooms and the furniture that will be placed within those rooms. Some other features that make for a good manufactured home plan include proper proportions between the rooms and a sufficient amount of windows that allow for enough sunlight to fill the room as needed. You can think of a good manufactured home floor plan as being the exact same as a high-quality site-built home floor plan. They are different types of homes but the main goal of the floor plan is the same- to be exactly what a family needs to live in a space comfortably.

How to Read a Manufactured Home Floor Plan

Manufactured home floor plans can be thought of as a two-dimensional drawing or map of what the home is going to look like. Thorough manufactured home plans show the shape, dimensions, room sizes, built-in placements, and layout of the home. As with most maps, the manufactured home plan should also come with a legend with details and explanations of what is being shown. Some of the symbols that might need to be explained on the list of the legend include scale, walls, windows, doors, bathtubs, counters, and additional appliances.  Manufactured home floor plans may also show features that will be outside such as porches or decks if those features are built on the frame of the house.

Some of the Most Popular Floor Plans

Because the demand for manufactured homes has increased soo much over the years, architects, designers, and builders have started innovative and modern new trends in the manufactured home community in order to please the growing demographic and create even more demand for the homes.

An open floor plan, also known as a free plan, is one of the most popular manufactured home floor plans that buyers are interested in. Some of the reasons that open floor plans are among the best manufactured home floor plans are because they lead to reduced building costs and better home lighting.

Two other floor plans include master bedroom suites and mother-in-law suites. A master suite consists of a full bathroom and walk-in closet built in a master bedroom and a mother-in-law suite is a floor plan that separates the master bedroom from the other rooms in the home. This floor plan is popular among bigger families as it provides a greater amount of privacy to the occupants of the master bedroom.

The end kitchen floor plan first became popular in the 1950’s. This design involves putting the kitchen at the end of the manufactured home which allows for more windows and sunlight and makes the home feel more spacious.

Which Manufactured Home Plan is the Best Fit for You?

If you are in the market to purchase a new manufactured home there are some big questions that you have to consider. The best manufactured home floor plans are ones that allow to easily move from one room to another and maximize as much space as possible. The way that the floor plan is set up will have a large impact on your family’s ability to live comfortably.

When choosing your floor plan some questions to consider are:

  • Will your family want to spend more time in the kitchen or the living room?
  • Would you utilize a formal dining room?
  • Do you want a single living room or a living room and a separate family room area?
  • Do you need an extra bedroom? Would you benefit from having an office?
  • How much and what type of space do you need to comfortably carry on with your hobbies and interests?
  • Do you or anyone in your family have mobility or health issues that would require specific accommodations or modifications?
  • Do you value an outdoor living space or covered porch enough that you are willing to lose interior living space?
  • Will your current furniture fit in the new home? If not, are you willing to buy new furniture to meet the space that you have available?
  • You should also be considering the layout of the surrounding land area. Does the layout of your floor plan allow for enough sunlight to aid in heating your home in the winter months? Are there enough trees around to provide shade to help keep your home cool in the summer?

When choosing the best manufactured home you should also factor in planning for the future. If you’re a young family, you might consider choosing a floor plan that will allow you to add to your family while still having enough space to live comfortably. Or, if you have an elderly parent you might want them to move in with you one day which would require an extra bedroom. Take the time to plan out possible activities that might occur in the future because adding additional rooms to a manufactured home can get expensive.

Choosing the best manufactured home floor plan is the first step to building your dream home. When you understand more about manufactured home plans and their purpose, you can choose the right model that will fit the needs of you and your family for years to come.



Steven Baker