What are Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes?

A lot of people are actively conscious of the amount of energy that they use on a daily basis. Your home can be a great place to start to reduce your carbon footprint. Manufactured homes can be designed for the same level of energy efficiency as traditional site-built homes. There are many things that can be done to increase the energy efficiency of a manufactured home that go beyond just using energy-efficiency lighting and appliances.

Making Your Manufactured Home Energy-Efficient with Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can be used to provide electricity, heating, and air conditioning for your manufactured home. Using renewable energy systems can lower the energy costs of your home while also reducing the amount of pollution you are contributing to the earth through burning fossil fuels. Here are some examples of energy-efficient ways to use renewable energy in your manufactured home.

  • Install a geothermal heat pump (GHP). Geothermal heat pumps can be used to provide the heating and cooling in your home. If you are looking to install a geothermal heat pump, the most cost-effective time to do this is to install it at the same time you are first installing your manufactured home. Something to keep in mind is that geothermal heat pumps are unable to be moved so they are the most convenient for manufactured homes sited in a permanent spot.
  • Install a wind electric system to generate electricity to your manufactured home. This is most convenient if your manufactured home is located in a rural area or on its own plot of land.
  • Install a microhydropower system to generate electricity to your manufactured home. This is best utilized if your manufactured home is located where you will have access to flowing water.

ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

When building or buying a new manufactured home, you can choose an ENERGY STAR manufactured home which is custom-built to lower energy costs and maximize the energy-efficiency of your home. There are many benefits to having an ENERGY STAR certified manufactured home. One benefit is that you will have lower utility costs because you will not have to pay as much in monthly bills for heating, cooling, and water costs. Another benefit is you can live in a quieter home. ENERGY STAR certified manufactured homes are equipped with certain features that not only keep out excessive heat and cold but also excessive noise.  You will be more comfortable with consistent temperatures across the rooms of your manufactured home. Because they have to pass strict codes and standards, ENERGY STAR certified homes are also backed by the government. This can further solidify that your energy efficient manufactured home is of the highest quality.

Updating an Older Manufactured Home

If you aren’t in the market to buy a completely new manufactured home there are still easy changes and updates you can make to your current home to make it more energy efficient.

  • Caulk your home. Caulking is taking the time to seal up any cracks outside of your home to help prevent air from leaking out. This will save you money on having to keep turning your thermostat up or down during the weather changes.
  • Update your windows. Window technology is constantly getting better and there have been great developments in window making that enhance the efficiency of home heating and cooling.
  • Update your appliances. There are a wide range of energy-efficient home appliances that you can buy including refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves. If you are in the market for a new appliance, consider purchasing one with an ENERGY STAR rating.
  • Increase your insulation. You can add thicker insulation to the walls of your manufactured home to further add to the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning.

Energy-efficient manufactured homes are the future of manufactured housing and sustainability is more relevant to homebuyers than ever before. Manufactured homes focused on being energy efficient are becoming more and more popular as the technology, special features, and upgrades are becoming more accessible to the average homeowner. Having an energy-efficient is a win-win situation for both you and the earth. Talk to your manufactured home builder about the best ways to make your manufactured home more energy-efficient and save yourself money while contributing positively to the environment.

Steven Baker