How to Take Care of a Manufactured Home

move into a manufactured home

Just like any traditional site-built home, your manufactured home requires routine maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible. Here are some easy tips and tricks related to caring for your manufactured home to help you maintain its value over time.

Make Sure Your Manufactured Home is Level

One of the most important steps in caring for your manufactured home is to make sure that you check your home every year to keep track that it is on level ground. Manufactured homes can settle over time, and if a manufactured home is not level that can bring about several issues including doors and windows that won’t shut correctly, cracks appearing in walls, and possible water leaks.

Take Care of the Skirting Around Your Home

One of the ways that manufactured homes differ from traditional on-site homes is that they are open underneath. Because of this feature, skirting has to be installed around the manufactured home to protect the plumbing, heating, and electrical systems that have been installed under the house. Maintaining the skirting around your manufactured home can also help discourage small animals from making their home under yours. Keeping pests out from underneath your manufactured home is important as they are known for damaging electrical and plumbing lines.

Maintaining the Roof

If your manufactured home has a flat roof, another step in caring for your manufactured home would include resealing or recoating it on a regular basis. Typically, the roof is the feature of a manufactured home that receives the most wear and tear over time. Some professionals even recommend receiving a routine roof inspection every single year. It is also a good idea to get your roof inspected after any major storms or other severe weather. Keeping up with roof maintenance can help to ensure that there are less severe problems that come about in the future.

Keep Your Home Clean

An easy but important step in caring for your manufactured home is to simply make sure that you keep it clean, both inside and outside. Try to limit the amount of dirt and debris that piles up around your home because debris can collect large amounts of moisture over time that can lead to significant water damage. Regularly take the time to clear the leaves, mud, and other waste from around your home to ensure that it stays looking clean and beautiful.

Check Your Utility Bills

If you find the amount of money that you’re paying every month for your manufactured home has increased, that might be a sign that something is wrong with the heating or cooling system. It is a good idea to perform regular maintenance on the heating and cooling systems in your home to ensure that they are working at their top condition and to reduce the amount of money you are spending on your utility bill.

Keep Your Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual that came with your manufactured home can contain all of the information necessary in caring for your manufactured home. It will have all of the inside information on how the different systems work and ways to troubleshoot certain issues as they arise. It might also help you come up with a checklist of features to routinely check and maintain. So if you still have your owner’s manual lying around, keep it, because you never know how it might help you with maintenance on your home in the future.

Manufactured homes have the potential to be long-lasting and durable. With regular maintenance, caring for your manufactured home can be simple. By keeping up with routine care and professional inspections, your manufactured home will be able to stay in great condition and last you and your family for many years.

Steven Baker