HOMEOWNERS – Residential Foundations

We understand that your home is an important part of your life and your financial portfolio. It is the largest purchase that most Americans will ever make. It is with this knowledge that we have committed ourselves to being the industry experts on residential foundations for site-built homes as well as manufactured homes.

We can provide engineered solutions for your foundation problems as well as engineering documents for your loan process. We can identify potential problems and put you in contact with contractors in your area that have the knowledge and experience to provide cost effective solutions to most foundation problems.

Some of the most expensive repairs are usually the hardest to spot, such as inadequate wiring, damaged plumbing, poor roofing, guttering and down pipes and require a comprehensive inspection of the entire property to determine.



Common Foundations Problems

  • Cracks in concrete or drywall
  • Doors becoming stiffer or not latching
  • Water seepage

What Causes Residential Foundation Problems?

Mainly, the cause of complications to your foundation is the soil it is resting on and its relationship to water. Too little moisture around the foundation and it may settle, or sink, to areas of least dense soil. This causes strain on the structure and cracks in walls and/or cement are often the effect. Too much moisture and it can result in foundation swelling. This cause is generally more serious because the ground soil expands more drastically than it shrinks. However, a proper drainage solution can alleviate this concern before it establishes notable damage.


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