Hayman Engineering Inc. offers a unique service to contractors serving the residential housing industry. We specialize in residential housing and related engineering requirements. We offer the following features:

  • Nationwide coverage (some states excluded)
  • Engineered design of FHA/HUD foundation certifications on manufactured homes;
  • Engineering drawings for basement/foundation repair for building permits;
  • As-built certifications for Homeowner assurance or real estate transactions;
  • Ability to use engineered designs as a marketing tool in your business;
  • Website submission of orders;
  • 24-48 hour turnaround (typically);
  • Very cost-effective. Our volume allows us to beat the cost of most local engineering companies;
  • Since we specialize in this area on a national basis, we have an expertise rarely found in local engineering resources;
  • This is not a side business for us. Residential engineering is our ONLY business.
  • We provide engineering done RIGHT . . . NOW!


We look forward to meeting your needs.

See our FAQs for a list of Contractors’ most frequently asked questions