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Joining the Hayman Engineering Home Inspectors Network offers you a valuable opportunity to provide an additional service that homeowners, lenders, and real estate professionals are begging for everyday.  Doing inspections with Hayman Engineering is simple and can expand your business. Hayman Engineering works with lenders and an extensive network of home inspectors like you across the nation to provide these government-required inspections.


What you need to know

  • HUD and FHA lender requirements mandate that a manufactured home must have an engineering certification that the foundation is permanent and meets federal requirements.
  • The local home inspector, acting as our field technician, visually inspects the home’s foundation.
  • Once the home inspector gathers the required information, it is electronically transferred to Hayman Engineering’s professional engineers for determination.
  • Homes with inspection reports that result in ‘good condition’ provides the buyer with confidence on making a long-term purchase and investment.
  • It’s easy!

More Information

  • You can submit orders directly on our website. Contact us with any questions at 605-381-2254.
  • What do our Inspectors have to say about us? Click here to find out.

We look forward to meeting your needs.

See our FAQs for a list of Inspectors’ most frequently asked questions